Monday, 21 February 2011

Caesar III: Build a Better Rome

Caesar III: Build a Better Rome
PC game | Publisher: Sierra | 70 MB
Genre: Historic City-Building

Emperor Caesar has assigned you to one of Rome's provinces and it's up to you to create a safe, pleasant city that will attract immigrants. Watch your city grow and evolve, and maintain its economy to keep the favor of your citizens... as well as Caesar. Play your cards right and you could become Emperor of Rome itself!


* Build, rule and defend on one screen - no more switching between city, province and battle screens!
* Use the City Construction Kit to build the perfect city, or climb the ladder of Roman politics.
* Now your citizens can give you a glimpse into the life of the common man - talk to them for clues about how to improve your city.
* Appease 5 Gods with temples and festivals. Each God has its own sphere of influence: Please Ceres, and your crops will thrive but dishonour Neptune, and watch your trade ships sink into the sea...
* Various new structures and challenges arise throughout your Governor's career, for tremendous depth of play and replayabiltiy.
* A truly intuitive, helpful interface lets you jump right in and start building!


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